About Us

On the road I started with BSM Aluminum in 1999 with the awareness that we need firstly to believe heartily in order to achieve and the accompanying principle of “the right step in the right time” we all undersigned important projects in aluminum industry in Turkey and internationally as well experienced the pleasure of success at the highest level and do continue to live thanks to our strong team and never disappearing team sprit.

With the given dynamism of my youth, entrepreneurial sprit and belief in success for ever, by focusing on different areas and on behalf of providing benefits to human health at the same time I realized Hiperfarma in 2011 in order to operate in various areas of healthcare sector.

With the sense of Hiperfarma Drugs we should realize in the best form and with the right partner if anything is needed in the sector, offers innovative and quality products to people’s services through our researches we carry out al over the world with our powerful, dynamic team always targeting the better. Giving the way to our investments constantly in this direction we continue our activities of marketing origin by growing every day.

Our product groups crating difference with qualities and contents, included in our wide range of products are produced by our partners in Germany and Austria in all of the latest technological methods by fulfilling all the quality control requirements. Our goal is to reach the highest level of customer satisfaction by offering the best and the most accurate to consumers.

On this road we set out for the idea of “take care of yourselves and your loved ones”, we will continue to be spoken about any time with innovations we brought in healthcare sector and will bring much more afterwards in the future.

I hope bright days full of peace for everybody.

Respects and Love,

Bahattin ÖNER