Phyto-Panmol Teknolojisi

PHYTO-PANMOL® Technology is a biotechnological system able to decompose natural-food complex vitamins of bioactive feature from natural food resources. This is the only production technology patented in all over Europe and America. The firm that has realized this biotechnological revolution for the first time in the world has been Ökopharm / vis vitalis GmbH company from Austrian origin and developed standardized patented PHYTO-PANMOL® vitamins in natural food complex form in coordination with the research and development center “Micronutrient Institute” that has been operating from 1980. PHYTO-PANMOL® is a proprietary patent of the producing firm Ökopharm / vis vitalis GmbH.

We recently have seen that the “whole food vitamins” become widespread especially in the United States market. Although natural food complex vitamins are contained in the products of this type, bioactive ingredients in the content do really far below than the rates (generally < 10%) to be taken daily. As the purpose is to take vitamins and minerals in the natural food complex form and get their required intake dosage levels, biotechnological systems able to decompose natural-food complex vitamins of bioactive feature from natural food resources in bioactive feature.

PANMOL®-VITAMINS are a complete complex of all vitamins that are essential for us humans. PANMOL®- VITAMINS are obtained from highly nutritious Quinoa sprouts, Acerola cherries, Dunaliella algae and soybean. PANMOL®-VITAMINS contain all the vitamins that are essential for us humans in botanical form. Unlike synthetic vitamins PANMOL®-VITAMINS include not only all water and oil soluble 13 vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B11, B12, C, D and E vitamins) but also organic bonded and biologically active other components. Thus they are more useful and also their bio-availability is much higher in comparison to synthetic vitamins. (Thiel, RJ.2000). For example;

the difference of PANMOL®-C Vitamin from other isolated synthetic vitamins is being in the form found in the nature and containing various bond structures with flavonoids. This is out of features that make PANMOL®-Vitamins unique.

PANMOL®-E Vitamin does not contain tocopherol only but also tocotrienols in the nature. This fact increases the antioxidant effect of PANMOL®-Vitamins approximately two-fold compared to other vitamins.

Why do we need PANMOL®-VITAMINS?

➢ General vitality
➢ Good eyesight
➢ Healthy growth and strong bones
➢ Reproductive potency
➢ Strong immune defense
➢ Intellectual capability
➢ Strong nerves


➢ Growing children
➢ Children with an unhealthy diet
➢ Growing juveniles
➢ People with an unhealthy or unbalanced diet
➢ Physically active people
➢ Pregnant and breast-feeding women
➢ People with unspecified immune deficiency
➢ Older people