Immun44 Liquid

Natural food supplement, with 13 Vitamins, 6 Minerals and Polyphenols, gives both immune system and Multivitamin & Mineral Support…

Immun44 Capsules

Natural food supplement, with 13 Vitamins, 8 Minerals, Polyphenols, Lutein & Lycopene, for those who want to feel more energetic & fit, and to help strengthening immune system…

TusiBen Liquid

Without preserver, colorant and sweetener, consists of Thyme, Marshmallow and Vitamin C, a natural solution to dry & sputum cough

SuperMap Liquid

Especially in school age children; Attention Deficit Disorder, Loss of Concentration, focus problems and Hyperactivity are frequently observed. Herbal Supplement consists of Inositol, Choline and Minerals…


A Liquid Iron Preparation sold in 68 countries all around the world, produced by a centennial (101 years) company SALUS. Special formula that does not contain preserver, colorant or sweetener, have its own taste from fresh fruits and herbal extracts.

Töpfer Infant & Follow-on Milk on the basis of Goats Milk

German manufacturer Töpfer GmbH with a heritage of 106 years distributed a formula which can be used right from birth onwards if baby isn't being breastfed or the mother’s milk isn't sufficient.


DeflaGyn® Application Set is a set of medical devices used after abnormal cervical smears (ASC-US, ASC-H, LSIL (CIN 1), HSIL (CIN 2)).

Töpfer Organic Mother-Baby Care Products

The 107-year-old German manufacturer Töpfer GmbH produces organic certified baby nutrition products as well as organic certified mother-baby care products.

Nutripedia is an information sharing platform where scientific sources about micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals are presented.

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