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Who We Are?

Hiper Farma

Hiper Farma Ilaç, which started its journey with the principle of “Wellbeing First; Anytime & Anywhere” in 2011 and aims to serve the health sector with innovative and high-grade products, is advancing its goals with firm steps as a company that grows and strengthens every year.


Starting the journey with its Austrian partner Vis Vitalis & Nutropia Pharma GmbH, Hyper Farma has developed the product range with organic certified products by cooperating with the strength of Töpfer company, which has a deep- rooted history of 106 years, in 2014. Finally, it has taken the company SALUS, which has 104 years of experience and proved its name thanks to its valuable brands all around the world, among its strong partners. Thus, it serves to the extent that it can satisfy its customers and meet their demands both in terms of product variety and product quality.