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Agilent Technlogy:

Hiper Farma

Starting with the motto of “accurate measurement of quality”, Agilent Technologies has the most advanced technological system that is fully accurate analysis of the bioactive active ingredient of each vitamin and mineral in the sample in dose, stability, bioavailability, bioequivalence and stress tests performed in research and development, production and quality control processes. Agilent Technologies, which has become a worldwide test and measurement center, offers its customers the most accurate test and measurement more than 110 countries.

Agilent ICP-MS 7500C and HPLC 1100 Series

Agilent Technologies uses the American Agilent ICP-MS 7500C and HPLC 1100 series. By means of Agilent technologies, all negative variables and cross-reaction factors, which make it difficult to correctly analyze vitamins and minerals, especially in combined liquid preparations, disrupt the test result, are overcome. This is an indication that, they maintain the amount of active substances in the content of products until the end of their shelf life and they continue their activities as long as they are stored under appropriate storage conditions.