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Do not spend watchful waiting period with stress and fear

Vaginal Gel for Remisson of Unclear Cervical Smear and Cervical Dysplasia

DeflaGyn® Vaginal Gel is the first effective treatment to promote remisson and regression after unclear cervical smears (ASC-US, ASC-H, LSIL, HSIL) and cervical dyplasia(CIN 1, CIN 2).
DeflaGyn Vaginal Gel is a medical device class IIa complying with Medical Device Directives (MDD-93/42/EEC and 2007/47/EC)
DeflaGyn Vaginal Gel is a system of application set consisting of 28 single-use applicators and 150 ml Vaginal Gel.

Active Ingredients  
DeflaGyn® Vaginal Gel contains highly dispersed micronised silicon dioxide (SiO₂) particles as main ingredient and antioxidative Deflamin®
(biologically activated selenium, a patented combination of sodium selenite and citric acid)

Mechanism of Action : 

Adsorption effect 
Highly dispersed micronized silicon 
dioxide (SiO2) particles adsorb pathogens 
from the cervical surface .
Binding effect 
Silicon dioxide (SiO2 ) particles bind pathogens 
and inhibits their spread. 
Antioxidative Effect

The adsorbed and bound pathogens are neutralized by the antioxidant properties of the patented Deflamin formula

DeflaGyn® Application Set Therapeutic Efficacy 
Due to the described three-step mode of action, DeflaGyn Vaginal Gel relives the irritated cervix epithelium and vaginal mucosa of potentially irritating pathogens. Thus DeflaGyn Vaginal Gel, promotes spontaneous remission by adjusting the milieu of the cervical and vaginal secretion during the “watchful waiting” period.