Wellbeing First; Anytime & Anywhere!

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Mission & Vission


Hiper Farma

With the principle of “Wellbeing First”, we aim to provide alternative solutions with innovative, high quality and effective products to the social needs in the field of healthcare

We aim to provide leading in the field for a sustainable life and environmental awareness with natural and organic product concept we adopt.


Hiper Farma

To be one of the leading companies that make a difference in the healthcare field by blending our knowledge, experience and with our innovative technologies, producing reliable and quality products, and aiming to grow steadily by keeping development.

Human Wellness First

We do not offer any product that we do not believe and adopt to consumer use with business  purpose. Our aim is always to be beneficial to human well-being.

Human Resources is our fortune

We aim to have employees who work happily, have entrepreneurial spirit and a high sense of belonging. As the Hiper Farma family, we do not forget that our most important wealth is human resources.

The Power of Knowledge

We always give importance to accurate, scientific and up-to-date information presentation. In this sense, we believe in the power of raising awareness of our business partners, employees and public with the right information.

Quality of Life

We believe that the peace and happiness of people are directly proportional with the increase in the quality of life and thus we aim to improve the quality of life of our employees and the public as well.

Awareness of Environmental Protection

We act with the awareness of “Sustainable Environment for Sustainable Life”, and we embrace nature with our efforts to protect the environment and the world