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Hiper Farma

Organic cultivation is the performing of production without disturbing natural balance and soil fertility by using resources in the most accurate and best way.  Synthetic or chemical fertilizers, hormones, or drugs that reduce soil fertility are prohibited in organic farming. The principles of crop rotation, cultivation of different products to soil, natural fertilization and use of plant wastes have been taken into account in Organic Agriculture practices.

There should be no activity that would disrupt the basic cycle of nature or the chain of life as well. Organic products have been taken under control by controlling and monitoring all the stages from organic farming production to the sales location of the product. As a result of this traceability, the products can get an organic certificate. With this certificate, both the producer producing organic products is audited and the consumer who purchases organic products is informed and his trust is gained.

Authorization to use organic logos is only granted if the content is at least 95% organic.