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Vis Vitalis company, which was established in Unternberg, Austria in 1986, started making the progress of product range generated with innovative and high-class technology with bringing Nutropia Pharma GmbH, which became a constituent company in 1990, into action.

Starting of Nutropia products is the answer of this following question: “How unhealthy eating habits effect human health?” Unfortunately, the answer is, unhealthy nutrition and the lack of micronutrients threatens human health seriously. Therefore, Nutropia company develops high-quality and efficient vitamins, minerals, trace elements and herbal preparation consisting of fatty acids and these preparations are produced within the scope of high quality standards by Vis Vitalis company. Vis Vitalis has the capacity of producing various forms of products, such as, capsul, liquid and powder.

Both Nutropia and Vis Vitalis companies fulfill the standards of the quality management system and food safety system and they have all the necessary certificates (HACCP, IFS, Bio-Zertifikat) related to this.

PANMOL technology, which is a patented technology developed by Nutropia company, is used to obtain high efficient vitamin, mineral, trace element and fatty acid. Thus, high bioavailability and efficient products are produced by courtesy of this outstanding technology.

There are over 70 employees, who make researches about how  bad eating habits affect  people and in return to this, they also develop preparations consisting of various herbals and micronutrients in Nutropia’s research and development center in Austria.

Nutropia products take part in market in various Europe countries, particularly in Austria. It determines to increase the quality of living under favour of the products which appeals to all young and old alike family members. Existing in the Turkish market for many years with several food supplements, Nutropia is always at the top in the matter of customer satisfaction.

Salus Haus

Salus Haus was established in the south Germany by Md. Dr. Otto Greither in 1916. In the side of Salus company, which has a deep-rooted history around 104 years, “human health always comes first” is their one of the top unswerving consideration.

SALUS company group, whose center is in Bruckmühl in the upper-side of Bavaria, Germany, embodies three different companies. SALUS Haus Dr. med. Otto Greither Nachf. GmbH & Co. KG, SALUS Pharma GmbH ve Walther Schoenenberger Pflanzensaftwerk GmbH & Co. KG. These three companies also have the experience of medical industry for many years. Salus endorses almost 400 million Euros per year with over 400 employees.

It presents a well-rounded product range by taking the advantage of nature. Liquid preparations, herbal teas, drops, capsuls and more… Hence, the best medicinal plants and raw materials are chosen with a great effort. A good food or a good medicine is directly proportionate to the materials that it contains. Therefore, Salus prefers to use herbals which derived from organic agriculture. As a matter of princible, there are no genetically modified raw materials used in production. Almost every medicinal plant which Salus used is hardly rare to find. Therefore, Salus tried to take those plants into our culture. Almost 1500 products in the product portfolio unite nature with innovation and quality. With over 50 employees in Salus research and development department continues to diversify the product range each passing day. In the process of manufacturing, Salus fulfills the high quality pharmaceutic medicine standards and organic agriculture quality standards. Salus products are exported to over sixty-five countries in the world.

Salus company, who have entered first with the Floradix brand into Turkish market, aims at keeping customer satisfaction at highest cap with the quality of product and stability.