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Recommended usage of Imun44 Liquid is once a day in the mornings 10 mL with measuring cup for childiren aged between 4-10. For childiren aged 11+ twice a day 20 mL with measuring cup after meals.

Yes, both our Immun44 Liquid and Hyper Immun44 Capsule supplement are suitable for vegetarians.

Hyper Immun44 supplements are free from Gluten. People with celiac disease can use them.

Yes, Hyper Tusiben Liquid can be both used by childiren and adults. In that case directions should be followed.

In case of intense cough, it is recommended to use Hyper Tusiben Liquid for at least 5 consequtive days.

No, Hyper Tusiben Liquid is free from Lactose and Gluten.

Floardix has a pleasant taste thanks to the selected herbs and several fruit juice concentrates included in the supplement.

By means of fruite juice concentrates and herbal extracts (spinach, fennel, roselle, camomille) included in Floradix, it contributes to digestive system by minimizing side effects like constipation as compared to other iron-containing supplements.

No, Floradix is free from sugar and honey. 

Floardix is free from preservatives. However, if you are pregnant or lactating, we recommend you to seek medical advice from a qualified healt care professional before you start taking Floradix.

Once open it, keep Floradix in the refrigerator and consume within 1 month.

No it does not. For this reason it is also suitable for gluten-sensitive enteropathy.

Hyper Super Map is recommended for attention deficit, concertration problems, unable to cope with school stress, impaired learning and excessive mobility.

There are no side effects known to be associated with these ADHD medicines. It can be used together in consultation with a healt professioanl.

Once open it, keep Hyper Super Map in the refrigerator and consume within 1 month

Hyper Supermap has a natural pleasant flavor comes from lemon and orange included in supplement.

In order to be able to expect the beneficial effects, it is recommended to use Hyper Supermap at least 3 months. The length can be determined by consulting a doctor.

Hyper Flatuben Drops has been developed to contribute to reduce gas pains by babies and infants and to regulate digestive system as well. Its effect against infantile colics has been proved by clinical trials.

No, Hyper Flatuben Drops does not contain any preservatives.

Yes. Selomun Spray with patented formulation containing Zinc, Biotin and Selenium is used for the protection and regeneration of lips and skin.

Thanks to Selomun Spray’s Gluten free formula, people with celiac disease can use it..